Accounting Intelligence services arose as a concept years ago when the founder Neil Kohler was doing his CA articles, and the initial idea was cemented during his time working in business - there is a glaring need for a bit of common sense to be applied to the choice and the implementation of processes and systems. With increasing economic pressures and tougher competition, quick and reliable information has become a necessity.
Software sellers lack the practical understanding of business needs and offer multifunctional complex solutions that people find difficult to understand. In-house developers rush projects and inevitably remain distant from users needs, with the result that businesses are forced to suffer with solutions riddled with problems, and come to accept incomplete or wrong solutions to avoid further expensive development.
Quick reliable information can only be achieved by understanding the business needs, identifying relevant processes, and choosing the appropriate systems, followed by a comprehensive implementation process. Accounting Intelligence has the business experience and the system knowledge to achieve an affordable and fitting solution.